Our Philiosophy...

Making functional cool. What the hell? Believe it or not this catch phrase sums us up beautifully, it's got a few different word plays going on - which we love! It breaks down like this...

Making? (We make things - often from scratch) using our creative minds to come up with original ideas and just as creatively trying to figure out how we will make these ideas reality. "Making" then influences the other two words in the phrase "functional" and "cool". We make functional and cool. Get it? Here's where it comes to life... functional and cool don't often go hand in hand - we've seen plenty of things (especially websites) that are highly functional, but definitely not cool. AND visually cool sites that are terribly disfunctional. Our art - what we bring to the table, is cohesion between functional and cool. Hence we're in the business of Making functional cool.

What's more - you will have FUN working with us!

People we like to work with...

At VisionZone we like to work with customers who are keen to develop their business/organisation through the savvy use of good design and functional operation that fits in with their strategy for growth.

Do you want to:

  • work at improving your business?
  • make your offering stand out from the crowd?
  • present your business with a high standard of visual design?
  • work with other energetic professionals to make a difference to your business and
  • have fun whilst making money?

Then we want to hear from you.


VisionZone is a design studio offering the following services. The objective of these services is to enable a VisionZone customer to improve their interaction with their customers:


  • All marketing material
  • Concepts for fit outs
  • Wall murals
  • Website design


  • The Visual Viscosity of Vitreous Humor


  • Website positioning
  • Website construction (Development, Coding, Programming)
  • Website maintenance
  • Website hosting


  • How to develop a visual analogy for your business
  • Visionering for business owners
  • Using IT to generate customers

Work we've done?

AND here are a couple of lovely links to some work we have done >>>

  1. www.toptouristparks.com.au
  2. www.hammersmith.com.au
  3. www.eliteskiboats.com.au
  4. www.bcelectrical.com.au
  5. www.purefm.com.au
  6. aeh.com.au
  7. www.maritimeconstructions.com.au
  8. thegatewayprecinct.com.au