So you have a logo, but it's not great quality? You cringe when you try to use it. It looks blurry or pixellated or both!

You want a great logo that you can be proud of and one that always looks professional.

We can solve your logo quality problem by re-drawing it. This will give you an industry standard file format that can be used for:

  • Offset & Digital Printing
  • Website Design
  • Signwriting
  • Embroidery

Your logo will be supplied to you as a VECTOR EPS file with the following attributes:

  • Crystal clear at any size (Not pixel dependent)
  • Scalable from the size of a 10 cent piece up to the size of a bus
  • Maintains your corporate colour palette

Depending on the things you choose in the ORDER FORM table (below), prices start from only $250.00+GST. So, looking good really is cheap and easy.

The following order form is informal. When you complete this form it will simply allow you to tell us what you want then we will contact you to go through it with you personally via phone or email. If you would like to chat with us prior to completing this form please call (08) 8172 1900 or email

Order Form

Your details Who's logo will we be working on:
What shall we call you:
How do we reach you:
What's your email address:
Your Logo File Send us an image file of your current logo file so we can view it.
EPS File VECTOR EPS file is mandatory (Supplied as SPOT Colour)
Typefaces (otherwise known as 'fonts') Do you use a specific typeface on your logo
Choose extra colour formats:
Do you know what your CMYK colour palette is
Do you know what your SPOT colour palette is
Do you know what your RGB colour palette is
Choose more file formats: JPEG High Resolution Image CMYK File
JPEG High Resolution Image RGB File
JPEG Low Resolution Image CMYK File
JPEG Low Resolution Image RGB File
TIF High Resolution Image CMYK File
TIF High Resolution Image RGB File
TIF Low Resolution Image CMYK File
TIF Low Resolution Image RGB File
Terms & conditions:
  1. We will contact you to confirm your order and supply a fixed price quote.
  2. Payment is required upfront in full once you have approved the quote provided.
  3. Your files will be supplied to you via Dropbox file transfer and you are responsible to download your files to your own computer within 7 days of us uploading your files. View Dropbox here:
  4. Some logos contain colour blends, complex shapes and specific typefaces. There may be extra charges associated with such elements and we will quote a price based upon such considerations.
  5. We will not be responsible for the content or reproduction result of any logo file supplied. It is your responsibility to liaise directly with your printer, signwriter, website designer, embroiderer or any other manufacturer or service provider to achieve the desired reproduction result from your logo.
  6. Typefaces can also referred to as 'fonts'. We do not supply typefaces to you as we cannot legally purchase typeface licenses on your behalf and supply files to you. If you require a specialty typeface to be used extra charges may apply. All logos are supplied with fonts and typefaces converted to 'paths' or 'outlines' so there will be no typeface information within the files we supply.
Do you accept these terms